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We welcome another year as a maker of well-loved snacks with compelling reasons that show why working at Rebisco is just as delightful as the delicious products it shares with the world.    

Our leaders look back on the 56-year journey of Rebisco from the creation of its first biscuit to the rise of market-leading brands loved by generations across the world, and anticipate the snackfood company's continued expansion as it adapts to the changing behavior of consumers.
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We invest in our people because they are the future of Rebisco. We’d like to think that if good people are provided with the right tools, environment and learning experiences, they will emerge to be the best next leaders of our organization. Learn how to build a global business at Rebisco University, explore new roles and make everyday decisions that drive impact throughout our organization.  
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We remain strong and relevant as an organization because we are like one big family. Rebisco employees talk about work-life culture through the Passion club and other company activities, excellence through teamwork, and fulfilling personal goals while growing their careers.  
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