Creamline is now in the Middle East!

Share the delightful news to your family and friends in UAE!

Creamline continues to spread good vibes globally! After landing in America last July 2018, Creamline is now present in the Middle East. 

Creamline products have been available since December 2018 in West Zone Fresh Supermarkets.

West Zone is one of UAE’s leading supermarket chains with 30 outlets concentrated in Dubai. Its main shoppers are Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) and South Asian expats but has recently attracted a growing number of local Arabs from new store openings and renovations.
Our initial Creamline offerings are Cream Bar, Pinipig Bar, and 1.3L tubs. Flavors include tropical variants like Buco Salad and Ube Queso Pastillas, and classics such as Cookies & Cream and Chocolate—truly providing Filipinos in UAE the taste of home. 

Watch out for Creamline’s next international destination soon! 

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