Bring home a masterpiece with Rebisco's Special Edition Designer Cans

Aris Bagtas, the brilliant and dynamic team leader of the International and Local Affairs of the Philippine Art Central, is a gifted artist with numerous local and international exhibits under his name. His works are distinctively Pinoy and inspire us to create a country where family values, traits and traditions are not forgotten. 

Roel Obemio, a member of the famed Saturday Group, has a slew of awards and distinctions under his belt, including the Grand Prize from the 61st Art Association of the Philippines'
Annual Awards. His first job as an animator strongly influences his visual art practice that promotes messages of positivity and hope.  

Throughout her life, artist Migs Villanueva has worn many hats and has played many roles. From a psychology graduate career to a Palanca-awardee visual artist. She is known for the use of bold pastel colors and wanderlust compositions. Villanueva invites the audience to put their own childhood experiences in her works. 

Before Joseph "Otep" Banez became a top-seller contemporary artist, he worked in the USA as a butler and ice carver but he returned to his hometown, Paete, Laguna, to pursue his passion for the arts. His detailed renditions combined with playful colors and hilarious settings merit his career as one of the most sough-after artists in the Philippines' contemporary art scene. 

For more than five decades, Rebisco has been a delicious part of Filipino snacking. On our 55th anniversary, we bring you four special edition cans, with artworks exclusively designed by four of the country's most talented visual artists. Inside this can are assorted biscuits, crackers, cookies and wafers--all-time favorites that you love to snack on, all-time favorites that you love to share. 

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