Happy 55th Anniversary, Rebisco!

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You may not know it but Rebisco is behind not just a lot of your favorite snacks now but also those from way, way back.

If you shared Marie, Rebisco Sandwich, or Hansel with your friends back when you were a kid, or had them as baon at school then you had a Rebisco childhood!

The good thing is that those childhood favorites are still around and that Rebisco hasn’t stopped creating more yummy snacks.

There are biscuits and crackers like Combi; cakes and breads like Fudgee Barr and Topps; chocolates and wafers like Choco Mucho, Krimstix, and Superstix; nuts and seeds like Ding Dong and Happy; chips and curls like Funky, Potato Plus, and Pop-O; and candies and gums like Lipps, Chubby, and Judge.

The company has also diversified their portfolio of snacks with products like Doowee Donut (a commercially packaged donut for those who can’t access or afford donut shops in malls), Mr. Keso (a unique chewy candy with a cheese filling), and the Hansel Premium Matcha (a limited edition twist to the brand’s popular product that rode on the green tea trend).

What is exciting is that Rebisco is expanding, offering more products apart from snacks. They now have Creamline (cream bars, pinipig bars, ice cream cones, and ice cream tubs), Happy Peanut Butter, Rebisco Yema Spread, and Chalife Milk Tea.

Still being around after 55 years is no joke – this is proof that Rebisco knows what they’re doing, and that they’re very good at it!

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