Mr. Keso wins Southeast Asia Breakthrough Innovation Award

Mr. Keso was one of three products in the Philippines that were awarded the Nielsen Southeast Asia Breakthrough Innovation Award in 2016. The Southeast Asia Breakthrough Innovation Report evaluated new products launched in more than 160 product categories, representing 71% of annual consumer packaged goods sales across Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, and Malaysia. Nielsen's rigorous review process centers on three criteria: Distinctiveness, Relevance, and Endurance. After reviewing 12,920 new consumer products launched in 2013 through their first 24 months of shelf life to the end of 2015, they named the 10 best-of-breed breakthrough product innovations and shed light on what makes these innovations stand out from the crowd.

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Mr. Keso
Inspired by and created for the everyday consumer

Mr. Keso is the first savory candy with cheese filling in the Philippines introduced by Rebisco, a prominent local player in the snack food industry. Rebisco has over 50 years of experience producing quality biscuit and snacks for Filipino consumers.

Mr. Keso is part of Rebisco's Mr. Candies range, the first range of candies from Rebisco aimed at adults.

Filipino consumers love to snack and many claim to crave specific snack foods at different moments of the day. Mr. Candies are based on traditional and local flavours, and are designed to appeal to these different taste cravings. The idea of a savoury candy with cheese filling was inspired by consumers' everyday snacking behaviour when pairing flavours. It is typical for Filipinos to pair sweet and salty flavours such as unripe mangoes with salt or shrimp paste, sweet glutinous rice desserts with salty dried fish, or cheese with sweet desserts. Inspired by this pairing behaviour, Rebisco's marketing, research and development, and consumer research teams set out to find the ideal flavour combination for the next Mr. Candies variant. Months were spent observing local snacking trends, speaking to consumers, brainstorming new flavours, and testing flavour combinations, all of which influenced the new sweet-savory cheese-filling candy.

This product performs two jobs in consumers' everyday lives: it makes snacking moments more interesting by offering a unique and delightful combination of flavours; and it fulfils consumers' craving of creamy cheese during the day with conveniently packaged candies. Rebisco is renowned for its catchy product jingles, and stuck to this tried-and-tested formula to launch Mr. Keso to the market. Despite a limited media budget, the advertising campaign was highly effective in achieving cut-through and standing out from the crowd, ensuring the product was top-of-mind for consumers.

Source: Nielsen Breakthrough Innovation Report, 2016 Southeast Asian Division

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