The Mighty World of Our Favorite Mobile Games at Rebisco's Halloween Trick-or-Treat Year Seven

October 25 was a day of craze and fun for both kids and kids-at-heart as Rebisco held its 7th Halloween Trick-or-Treat with the theme “Mobile Games” inspired by Captain Bisco. Exactly 418 kids graced the event with their own unique costumes.  

Bunch of exciting games, delicious treats, special prizes, and a whole lot of colourful costumes and designs overflowed in all corners of RBC Main, Ortigas and Annex offices. All departments prepared their unique treats and gimmicks; such as chocolate fountain, cotton candy and gaming booths, to name a few, as the kids paraded along the walls.   

The first-ever, highly-anticipated Mobile Legends Tournament sponsored by Tostas was also conducted and participated in by competitive yet friendly gamer employees.

The shared experience of fun and excitement made this year’s trick-or-treat a victorious and memorable one for the whole Rebisco family!