The Rebisco Foundation

A main factor behind the growth of the Republic Biscuit Corporation (Rebisco) is the unwavering support of the communities where its various plants operate. Over the years, these communities have become instrumental in helping the company reach its vision, mission and goals. When Rebisco realized that these communities were comprised of economically disadvantaged families, it began to create programs that would address poverty by first targeting the basic social unit—the family. The company also encouraged a feeling of social responsibility among its employees, facilitating large-scale efforts to improve the lives of these families.

This commitment to help led to the establishment of the Rebisco Foundation Inc. (RFI) as the signature project of the company’s 45th year in business. Since its formal incorporation in April 2009, RFI’s programs and services have continuously evolved to ensure that it remains responsive to the needs of the target beneficiaries. The RFI has touched lives and created a positive impact in the communities through its Education and Health initiatives.