Be Part of our Growing FAMILY!

A Testament of Permanence

The Republic Biscuit Corporation, more popularly known as Rebisco, has risen to become a notable player in the country's food industry, staying true to its vision through the years of providing quality snack food to consumers worldwide.

A Promising Career Advancement

Rebisco is committed to bringing out the finest of its people with good benefits, compensation, and a team that will guide you in laying out a career path that suits you best. Each day presents an opportunity to practice your learning. Each day is a challenge to test your skills and create an impact not only locally but internationally, with Rebisco's continuing expansion in countries like Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Dubai.

A Fulfilling Work Life Balance

Consumer fondness for our products is not the only factor that has helped us achieve our goals. We recognize that the people behind the company are integral to our success. In Rebisco, work is not the only objective but so are fun, work-life balance and fulfillment. Hard work is rewarded just as employee satisfaction is guaranteed.

Be part of this growing family and discover the possibilities: learn to beat the odds, improve every talent you have, and grow with the best in the business.

Make your move to Rebisco now. After all, our family cares.

1. Application

For your convenience, you may file your application through our website or directly send your resume to

Your resume will not go unnoticed as our Recruitment team constantly checks the incoming applications received through this email address. New vacancies are advertised on a monthly basis and information regarding the open positions is readily available. If we see you as fit for any of our openings, you will be notified through a personal call or email before proceeding to the next step.

2. Initial Assessment

To ensure quality and suitability of talents, Rebisco uses a series of comprehensive testing tools. Part of this is the administration of the Psychological and Mental Ability Tests, which will identify your skills and preferences. We believe that this is a vital tool as it reveals your key competencies that do not usually emerge during interviews.

3. Recruitment Interview

A personal interview with the Recruitment Head will be held once you pass the initial assessment. Here, you are given the chance to showcase your accomplishments and further probe your suitability to be part of the organization. In the same way, it is our turn to address your queries regarding our company.

4. Department Interview

Upon endorsement of application to the department of your choice, the Department Head may request for a series of personal interviews. A more in-depth assessment is done based on your technical skills. The make or break point of your future career in Rebisco lies here.

5. Hiring and Placement

After the rigorous process you went through, we finally welcome you as part of the Rebisco family. The job offer, compensation package, and the pre-employment requirements will be discussed with you in full detail.




Interested applicants may send/email their application to: